Park Village Science Fair

May 6, 2021 at 6:45pm

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Hello all,

The PVES PTA is excited to announce a fun and engaging event across grades, classrooms, and delivery models for the students, parents, and teachers to enjoy together.  In the name of Science!  In light of Covid restrictive guidelines, this Live Event will take place via Zoom in your home Science Laboratory.

The Science Fair will be a voluntary event for students of PVES.  It will be open to students of all grades, and will consist of both recorded and/or live presentations of Projects, which the students will select.  The Live event will be via Zoom using breakout rooms for each student and parent that elects to be available for presentation on the night of the event.  Additionally, students that wish to record their presentations and post them for viewing can do so leading up to the event.

Resources will be provided (e.g. to help students/parents develop projects.   Projects will be categorized across science categories.  A “Science Fair Packet” has been created to provide the:  Steps, Rules, Deliverables, Resources, Timeline, etc.  We want to keep this simple, straightforward, and most of!

More to come so sign up and have your project ready for May 6!